Friday, November 24, 2006

It's Official

I got the call from my realtor Wednesday night while I was shopping for last minute Thanksgiving groceries. In the middle of the dairy aisle at Giant, I sputtered and practically shouted "Thank you" and "Really?" over and over again. Fellow shoppers and shelf stockers stared while I broke into a smile and excited giggles.

The sellers of the little house I love have accepted my offer!

Now, barring any difficulty finding their own home and any major issues with the inspection and appraisal, I should be settling in mid-January. I'm already preparing by sorting through belongings, investigating do-it-yourself painting and decorating projects, and socking away extra cash for closing costs, furniture, and other unexpected expenses. I'm trying to hold back at least a bit of the excitement because I know there's still a possibility that things could still fall through. But I admit (as if you can't tell) that I'm a little attached to this house.

So here's to new experiences and life stages. I'm going to be a home owner!

1 comment:

nessie said...

Oh Amazing! I am a real estate agent and its so hard to get a sale for a home threw. Its crazy how something like pink tiles in a washroom makes a difference. Congrats.

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