Monday, January 15, 2007

Up to my ears...

I'm surrounded by boxes, both empty and full. I've barely begun emptying out closets and bookshelves and cabinets, but I'm plugging away ...

Of course, procrastination is my middle name, so since I had the day off, I went to Home Depot and Lowes today. I bought all the tools I'll need for painting the bare walls of my new house: rollers and trays and brushes and drop cloths. I did not, however, choose a single paint color. I came away with a handful of pamphlets and paint chips but not a bit more certainty that I'd found a shade for my livingroom or dining room walls.

I've narrowed down my bedroom color to just a couple neutrals (this was easy because I have a bedding set that I love and can build my bedroom decor around). As for the guest bedroom/office, I'm leaning toward a warm blue because I read that blues inspire creativity. That room might have to wait a few months, depending on my budget and manpower over the next weeks. But at least I have some idea of a color scheme. My other rooms are all empty canvases. I'm having a really hard time commiting to wall colors. I want to do something bold in my living room (red) and dining room (gold) but I'm afraid to commit. To make it more difficult, I'm doing things backwards because I'm not pulling colors from furniture/rugs/curtains like designers recommend. Instead, I'm working with what I have for now (two love seats slip-covered in black and a black entertainment center) and planning on bringing in neutrals when I eventually buy a new sofa and chairs for the living room, and a dining set for the dining room. That way I can paint with the colors I love, knowing that whatever I choose will match neutral furniture later on. Unfortunately, this is making it tougher, rather than easier, for me to make a decision and stick with it. I'm hoping that after I've seen the rooms again in the next few days, I'll be able to pick something.


nejyerf said...

ok, ok i admit it. i suck.

what kind of blog friend am i that i can't even get around to reading your blog and finding out you had a birthday until 10 days later?!

i wouldn't be surprised if you never speak to me again.

can you find it in your heart to forgive me?

colors can be so hard to choose. i went the easy way and went with martha stewart. she gives you coordinating colors so that your rooms just kind of flow. i was pleased with the results.

and don't's just paint. you can paint right over it. although the person you've conscripted into painting might object after the first couple of changes.

i look forward to reading the continuing saga of your new house!

Megs said...

I hear you - and people who've been in their houses for a while just don't get it. So many people have said to me things like "You can always re-paint" and probably once I get it painted I'll feel the same way. There's just something that feels so big about that first choice in paint for each room.

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