Thursday, March 15, 2007

Window of Opportunity

I'm supposed to be working on this week's article for Feed the Soul and clocking a few of those 5 hours per week of writing that I committed to.

But the banging downstairs won't stop. I should have known better. I went to work today bright and cheery, with the knowledge that I'd be leaving early and heading home for a rare afternoon of writing time. It never occurred to me that focus and concentration would be out of the question while the men downstairs installed my new triple-pane Preservation windows in the living room. I can work through just about anything, but it sounds like they're ripping out the entire wall, and all I can think about is the horror stories I've heard of construction and contracting gone wrong.

I'm trying to quell the anxiety by visualizing my beautiful, energy efficient new windows, but then I start picturing bits of duct tape holding the frames in place and nails sticking out of the wall. I'm actually afraid to go downstairs and see what's going on. What if they're making a mess that I'll have to clean up later? What if the measurements were wrong and the windows don't fit? What if I made a mistake?

Ah, paranoia...why do you keep coming around? I guess I'll go start a load of laundry. At least something productive will get done.

And I can catch a glimpse of whatever is going on downstairs on my way through...

UPDATE: Turns out I was worrying for nothing (of course). Soon after I posted this, the banging subsided and I got some serious writing done. Plus, the windows look fantastic! If only I'd had the $9000 to do all the windows in the house at once. Two down, six (plus the four basement windows) to go. I really am going to spend all of my spare cash on this house now, aren't I?


patresa hartman said...

ooh, new windows! lord, we desperately need to sink some money into windows for our house, too. we actually had ice forming INSIDE this winter. (the house's original windows. it was built in 1950.)

katy said...

I'm glad the duct tape and protruding nails were only in your mind!


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