Monday, March 02, 2009

It's National Reading Day

March 2nd is National Reading Day, otherwise known as Read Across America. It's also Dr. Seuss's birthday. This is not a coincidence, either. Turns out the National Education Association planned it that way.

The goal of Read Across America is to motivate children to read and to help them improve their reading skills.

Motivating children to read is an important factor in student achievement and creating lifelong successful readers. Research has shown that children who are motivated and spend more time reading do better in school.
As you all know, I'm a book-lover through and through. And I love sharing books with the kids in my life. I'm the Aunt/Sister/Daughter who always gives books as gifts. I want everyone to love reading as much as I do. As much as I can, I especially try to share my love of books with my nephews and nieces. Unfortunately, they're all too far to read with on a regular basis. Today I might just have to call a few of them and read together over the phone.

Who will you read with today?


Angie Ledbetter said...

Thankfully, all three of my teens love to read too. Glad I have an extra "excuse" to read more today...if only I can find the time. Oh, wait, I'm reading blogs and the latest issue of Poetry. :)

Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Hi Ami.

I just found this great site that is doing book give-a-ways this week (they already have 121 posted) and I thought of you. Not sure if you know about it or not so I thought I would pass the link on just in case ( I entered the give-a-way for the children’s book of poems called Where the Sidewalk Ends. I just read my son some poems from that book tonight.

Ami said...

Angie - I used it as an excuse to do some reading, too. :) And I hope I raise readers. Most of my favorite childhood memories involve books in one way or another and I want my kids to have that same love of the written word.

Over Coffee - Thanks for sharing that link! I'm headed to do some entering myself.

Melanie said...

We read with the kids everyday - so important (and they love it). And I always have a few book on the go (not to mention blogs!).

Ami said...

Reluctant - I agree. I think reading with your kids is very important. I know it helped and influenced me. And I always carry reading material with me, too.

SaraLynn said...

This was fun day for us! Hubby and I are both readers and we encourage the kids to read as well. My daughter is hooked on the Magic Treehouse series.
On this particular day, our local library had a party in honor of Dr.Seuss. We enjoyed cookies, punch, crafts and of course several reading from his collection. It was a wonderful evening!

Ami said...

SaraLynn - My nephew really enjoyed that series for a while. Sounds like you had a lot of fun at your Dr. Seuss party!

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