Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sunday Scribbling: Hungry

It's been quite some time since I've written a Sunday Scribblings post, but the prompts over the last few weeks have been tickling my muse. I've finally got a few minutes and thought I'd dig in and see what she produces when I let her loose.

Prompt #181: Hungry

It starts as a general sense of emptiness. I notice it because it feels like nothing, as if I am only recognizing what was there now that it is gone. I continue on with my task, making my bed and putting away clothes, straightening up my room.

After several minutes, the grumbling begins, occasional and quiet at first, so that only I can hear it. Inside the churning is slight and bearable. As I shake out sheets and tuck in corners, I consider food, what to eat, what my body would like today, now, for this meal.

My stomach persists in its demands and then other body parts join in. We are hungry, my head tells me, aching a bit as I bend over to pick up a pair of shoes. We need to eat, my mouth says, salivating so much I have to swallow before hanging up my shirt. Feed us, my stomach screams, gurgling so loudly my cat lifts her head from the bed and meows.

OK, I relent. I am hungry. My body has spoken. I must feed it now, bless it with nourishment, treat it with respect.


Unknown said...

I have been trying to start using prompts like this, too. Lately I've been working on "I remember."

I enjoyed this. And it's good to know your stomach growls loudly---mine does, too, and I'm always mortified by it. Funny how I can be humbled by something as innocent as hunger.

Ami said...

Erin - I love prompts like these because it's amazing what a single word or phrase can inspire or bring to mind...and sometimes it's not the thing you might think. As for being humbled by hunger, I feel the same way. I wonder if it's because hunger reminds us that we're human and vulnerable...

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