Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sarah's Gift

Sarah collapsed back on the bed, exhausted from all the pushing and panting. Finally, she thought, and closed her eyes. Even the high-pitched, frantic sounds of her baby's cries were a relief.

Before the exhaustion could engulf her, the nurse midwife who had held Sarah's right hand through the delivery brought the tiny baby boy to her, wrapped tightly in a soft blanket. As soon as Sarah took him, pulling him to her like a magnet, he stopped crying and relaxed against her chest. She knew exactly what he was feeling--the calm after the storm, the satisfaction of completing a long, arduous journey.

"He's so beautiful, just like you," Steve said, breaking the spell. Still grasping her left hand, he bent over her to first kiss Sam's forehead and then hers. Sarah smiled at Steve and nodded almost imperceptibly. Beautiful...she had never seen beauty like this.

They were a family now. After all their trying and trying, they were finally a family. No more shots and multi-packs of pregnancy tests waiting to be taken. Here Sam was, wrapped up in her arms like a gift she had been anticipating all her life.

And baby makes three...

This is my response to the prompt, Wrapped, at Creativity Corner, a new series of creativity prompts at Write Out Loud. If you'd like to join in, write your own response to the prompt and then head over to Write Out Loud and leave a link in the Wrapped comments.


Unknown said...

wonderful snippet, ami! love this. hope you aren't snowed in in NY?!!?

Anonymous said...

Great post! I love your writing, I'd love to collaborate and share some ideas sometime. I'm at
Happy Holidays!


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