Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Tales from the Dating Trenches

It's been 11 months since I broke up with The Ex, and I haven't really written much about how I've been dealing with the end of that relationship. I've had my reasons, mainly that I've been busy processing it and growing from it. But now that I'm well over it, I'd like to start filling you in on what's been going on in my social life.

I've never really dated, even prior to my relationship with The Ex. I was either in a relationship or I wasn't. There was no in-between for me. Not to mention that I wasn't particularly confident and didn't think guys wanted to date me anyway. With that attitude, it's needless to say the men weren't really busting down my door.

After the breakup, though, I decided it was important to see what was out there, to experience the dating world and discover what it was I really wanted. Since I had no idea how to go about meeting men in the real world, I figured online dating was a safe bet. And it was. I signed up for an online dating site and during the first few months I went out on several dates. I met some interesting people and learned some lessons about how to open up, or not, in a dating situation. I also learned quite a bit about what I want, and don't want, in a relationship.

My dates weren't all bad, but bad ones make the best (and funniest) stories. I'll be sharing some of them here. Being a single, thirty-something in the dating trenches ain't pretty, people. Trust me.


Anonymous said...

looking forward to some funny stories!

Random Girl said...

I hear ya sister! My marriage ended several years ago and when I decided to put myself out there, online dating it was. I agree, it is more about learning what to share and when and like you, the bad ones have made the best stories for me. Can't wait for your stories to come!

Lacy said...

A lot of people view online dating as a negative thing. I think it is the future. When I got out of a serious relationship, which was heartbreaking, all I wanted was to jump back in the dating game to help me get over it, which may or may not be healthy. Anyway, I kept telling my friends that I wanted a list of all the available people in the area. Someone suggested a dating site and BAM I was back in the dating game.


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