Thursday, March 08, 2012

Where Openness Leads

If you'd asked me a year ago where I'd be right now, today, I never would have imagined this. Which just goes to show you that we have no idea what the Universe has in store for us.

I would have told you as much a year ago. I'm no fool now, and I wasn't then. I would have said I had no idea where I'd be or what I'd be doing. I would have told you about some of my plans and dreams--teaching yoga, writing, dating, traveling--but I would have also said this:

I am open to whatever comes my way.

I'd like to believe that's how I've lived my life for more than a year now. Open to all the possibilities and opportunities that I've encountered. Willing to take risks, try new things, look at the world from different perspectives.

I went out on dates with men I was sure were out of my league--and discovered how terribly wrong I could be. I flew a plane. I took trips to new places. I swam with sting rays. I taught my first yoga classes. I learned how to knit. I spent time reconnecting with old friends. I also opened my heart and made new ones.

I fell in love.

And that's where I am now. In love with someone who complements me perfectly, someone I can laugh with and talk to, who seems to know me better than I know myself. He is someone I can trust, who is open and honest and hears me when I speak. He is so caring and generous and loving that sometimes it's difficult for me to receive it all. I try my best, though, and I give back all that I can.

I could not be happier or more content where I am. Right now. Especially because out of that love, something beautiful and amazing was created:

I'm so glad I was open to what came my way, and so grateful for all the blessings and opportunities I've had over the last year. Now I look forward to a year ahead, filled with many more wonderful experiences.

I have no idea what this year will hold, but I am open to whatever comes my way.


hokie30sgirl said...

Beautiful Post!!! Congrats!

Rebecca said...

you write so beautifully...i'm always swept away by your words! congrats to you and your beau!

Virginia Earl said...

Congratulations for all your blessings! I enjoy reading your blog and I hope that you will enjoy reading about my crazy adventures.

Alexis Grant said...

I cried reading this! Congrats!

Ami said...

Thanks for the well-wishes and comments everyone! The peanut and I are doing well as we head into the second trimester. :)

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