Saturday, February 03, 2007

Here I Am

It's been a week since I moved in, and I'm starting to feel at home in this house. It's growing on me, and the boxes are gradually disappearing as I find the perfect places (like the trash and the Goodwill) for all of my things. It turns out I don't really need all the stuff. Now if I can just remember that the next time I'm at Target or DSW.

The new rule is: if you don't know where you'll put it, how you'll use it or what you'll wear it with, you don't need it and you can't bring it home.

Here's a summary of what's been going on:

  • My first two or three nights in the house I slept fitfully. With all the new house noises I was sure someone was breaking in or the furnace was exploding or the cat was getting caught in a box. She was on edge, too, so we made quite the pair.
  • A security company came out and gave me a price on a security system. I've scheduled installation for this week. At least I won't be worried about break-ins anymore.
  • I got a quote on replacement windows since there is a visible breeze coming through most of the ones I have now (the originals--the house was built in 1951). Eight windows = almost $10,000. I'll obviously be doing that one window at a time on my tight budget.
  • I had to line the front doorway with weather stripping because there was a gap that was letting in quite the draft. No wonder the previous owners averaged $200 a month in gas & electric bills.
  • I've enjoyed doing laundry in my very own basement. I can put a load in the washer before I leave for work and toss it in the dryer when I get home. How cool is that?
  • I've also managed to flood my very own basement already. Somehow I accidentally closed the drain in the utility tub and it overflowed when the washer started the spin cycle. I went down to feed the cat and found quite the mess. It took several towels, a mop and an hour to sop up all the water. Note to self: Tell the next owners about the sensitivity of the utility tub's drain.
  • Getting organized takes time and money. I've spent what seems like an entire paycheck on shelving and cabinet organizers and DVD baskets and collapsible drawers.

I'm discovering what it really means to be "house poor" but I'm loving the excitement of making this place mine.

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Anonymous said...

This is so exciting! And I am very jealous! I am currently "looking" for a house, but am terrified of taking the step. On a single income, could I make it? I just don't know. Like you, I really don't want to be house poor. Big decisions.
But congrats, and enjoy your new space!

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