Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I Don't Usually Do This

Several weeks ago, I got an email from a woman who wanted me to check out a website that promotes healthy living and then review it in my blog if I felt so inclined. I've never been asked to review a product or site for anyone before, and I wasn't sure I was interested in the prospect. I did some preliminary poking around and realized the site was sponsored by General Mills, which turned me off from the idea even more. I assumed it would be another website feigning to be doing "good" but all the while promoting a company's own agenda and bottom line.

After a while, I started seeing adds for the site around the internet, and I decided to go back and see what there was to see--good or bad--so that I could complete my reviewer's duty and be done with it. I was pleasantly surprised. It turns out General Mills has partnered with Rodale and Lluminari, and America's Second Harvest to sponsor a well designed, informative and interesting web site.

Eat Better America is site that I'll go back to. I've signed up for their e-newsletter. I've saved my personal health goals. I've read a few articles on healthy eating and exercise, and I've submitted a question for the experts. The interactive features of the site make it fun to play around with. The information is helpful and the recipes look delicious. I'm impressed that General Mills didn't use this particular feature to promote their own products by name. There's even a feature that lets you submit your own recipies for "healthification."

So I was wrong about General Mills. Their intensions seem to be honorable. The only areas that mention the company and their products are the About Us section and the coupon links that appear on most pages connecting you to printable coupon lists. So, if you're interested in getting more information about healthy eating and exercise, or if you're looking for a healthy recipe to cook for dinner, check out Eat Better America. I think you'll like.

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