Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Turnoff Try

My Great TV Turnoff started yesterday, and it went well overall. After a very long day at work, I ran some errands and headed home, looking forward to lounging on the couch in front of Friends reruns and then doing some cleaning up before Heroes. But by the time I got home I’d remembered that the TV is off limits (mostly) this week.

So, I cooked dinner and ate it in silence. Feeling exhausted, I abandoned ideas of a clean office and sparkling dishes for the couch and a good book. I lay down under my front windows, opened wide, and enjoyed the late evening breeze and the last bits of sunlight. When the sun had almost set, I found my way to the computer, did some blog-walking and checked my email. After an hour, I was so tired that sitting up seemed to be an effort. I shut down Windows, put my laptop back in its resting position and curled up on my bed with my book until 9:00.

I admit, my TV Turnoff commitments couldn’t overpower my desires to see the first new episode of Heroes since March 5th. But I turned it on at 9:00 sharp and turned it off as soon as next week’s previews were over. The only other TV I’ll be watching this week is Lost on Wednesday night. I figure two hours is much better than the several hours a week I usually have the television on, even if I’m not watching it. And just think, not only am I saving precious brain cells from atrophy, but I’m also going a bit greener by using less electricity.

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