Friday, November 14, 2008

Question Me Good - Pt. 5

It's that time of day where I grab a question from the bank and get to work on my daily NaBloPoMo post. Today's question comes from Brooke, who's a new reader and wants to know a little more about me...but not the boring stuff.

How about a few fun facts on you - beyond the "About Me".....I'm new to your blog, so these are things maybe some other followers might know...and obviously enough details to make it fun, but not so much that it would give a stalker a chance to find you!!

Fun fact #1: I'm a nerd. I'm WAY more comfortable in a book store or a library than a bar or night club. In fact, my favorite Saturdays, when I'm not writing at Panera, are spent browsing my local library shelves or hanging out in Barnes & Noble.

Fun fact #2: I was on every sports team that was available to me in high school, but I rarely got to play. I wasn't too athletic and would rather have my nose in a book (See #1) than chase a soccer ball or try to land a layup. This was obvious to the coaches, but since my school was so small they needed all the players they could get. And at least I got a little exercise.

Fun fact #3: I graduated in a class of 29 students. Classes have grown over the last decade, but that was the average class size when I was there. My school (K through 12) was about 1,200 kids. I was a big fish in a small pond, and I liked it that way.

Fun fact #4: I was a chunky child. I know this because my mother likes to tell a story about a summer day when I was running around in my diaper with my adolescent cousin and my aunt told her to go get her training bra for me because I needed it more than she did. Needless to say my cousin ran home crying and I could have cared less. I ran around half naked oblivious to my baby boobs.

Fun fact #5: I once peed in my shoes. I was in high school. Needless to say I threw the shoes away.

Now it's your turn. What's a fun fact about you? Share your fun facts in the comments so we can all enjoy!

If you've got a burning question for me but haven't had a chance to ask it, you can go to the original post and leave your question in a comment. I'll keep answering a question or two a day until they're all answered.

If you're just tuning in, check out the rest of the series.


Tui Snider @mentalmosaic said...

Ciao! It's my first time here. Looks like a lot of things here to inspire writing! Just wanted to say "hi" but I'm going to poke around a bit and click on some of your links, stretch out my legs and make myself at home.

I found you via NaBloPoMo, by the way. Happy November to you. :)


Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Those are definitely some fun facts that help us to get to know you better. Thanks!

Cuz you asked….A couple of fun facts about me:

A week after I started driving I side swiped a van because a spider dangled in front of my face and I freaked out and let go of the steering wheel to swipe the spider away.

My water broke on my due date but my son was not born until 39 hrs later. The insurance company needed a written statement from my doctor attesting to that fact before they would pay the bill. ;-)

Thanks to Brooke for asking.

Ami said...

Tui - Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy what you find and you'll come back regularly. It's a pretty cozy place, I think. :)

Over Coffee - You made me laugh with your first fact and cringe with your second. :) Thanks for sharing.

nejyerf said...

loved these fun facts.

although the one about the baby boobs? why do aunts say such things? i am saying this as a girl who has 5 aunts on my mother's side alone and have been on the recieving end of comments like that all my life!

Ami said...

nejyerf - I know! Why do they say such things? I just hope I don't turn into one of them one day...

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