Thursday, November 06, 2008

This is Called Commitment

I got home late (OK, not really late, but late for me) from a girls' night out. (Thanks for the laughs ladies!) I came into the house, immediately put my PJs on and went straight to bed.

As I was dozing off, I realized I hadn't posted anything for NaBloPoMo today. And so here I am. Out of my warm bed typing a quick post, just so I can say I did it. Just so I don't miss a day. It IS only 5 days into this thing after all.

I guess while I'm here, I might as well tell you about my pet peeve of the day. Driving to dinner with the girls, I was running late and got stuck in traffic. Why was traffic at a creepy crawl you ask? Well because the hundreds of drivers ahead of me had to slow down to 3MPH to crane their necks and get a glimpse of the three cars lined up along the side of the road, of course. Yes, there had been an accident, but the slow traffic was not a result of a fender-bender blocking a lane or two. It was purely the result of Every. Single. Driver. trying to sneak a peak at what? A tow truck? A crumpled fender?

Please, if there are any rubber-neckers out there, do yourselves a favor: Stop! No, don't stop on the highway to stare at the cars parked on the shoulder. Stop staring! Drive. Just drive.

Pretty please?


Angie Ledbetter said...

Congrats on crawling out of bed to do your blog! Don't know if I coulda. I always think rubber-neckers must not have very interesting lives if they have so much time to just sit and gawk. grrrrrrr

Ami said...

It wasn't easy, Angie! I was NOT easy. The thing about rubber neckers is that I'm sure they're grumbling about the slow traffic just like me up until the point where they get to that accident and then they do the same exact thing as the people slowing them down!

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