Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Dating Horror Stories - Time to Vote

You all had such great dating stories to share and I'm so glad I don't have to chose the winner of this contest. It was hard enough picking just a few for the top slots! In fact, instead of three choices, you get four because I couldn't narrow it down any more.

While I loved them all, these were my favorites:

#1 was from Scribbit. This one was the first of several that made me laugh out loud. I can just picture this:

I can't remember how it happened but I ended up going out with a short Italian man who hardly spoke any English who drove me out to a lake and wanted to make out (ew) and when I told him I wanted to go home he ended up chasing me around the car for awhile thinking I meant "yes" instead of "no." He ended up taking me home but the evening was not a good one :)
#2 was from Jessica. Again, I laughed out loud imagining poor Jessica being mortified by her Aunt.
My FIRST EVER date was a movie date with a boy named Richard. (I think I was about 13?) My mom & aunt drove me to the movie theatre but Richard (who was supposed to meet me in the lobby) was no where to be found. Well, I was crushed but my Aunt was determined to figure out what had happened. She talked the staff into allowing her into the theatre (a fully packed theatre) and then proceeded to shout "Is there a Richard Shipley in here???" Sure enough, he was in the back row with some friends. I was mortified, he was mortified, we barely spoke during the movie and I don't think I ever talked to him again. My aunt and I still laugh about the experience!
#3 was from Amanda B., who had to get rid of creepy Mr. Octopus:
I had the guy pick me up from work (I got ready in the staff bathroom). For the date he took ne to his house to watch movies..lame but I had an open mind. Well, HE didn't want to really watch the movies. After repeatedly fending off tentacles,I told him I wanted to leave. Well, he told me no. So I screamed "Take me to my car", and when his roommate came to see what was going on, he said fine. So after he dropped me off at my car, I made sure to drive around so he couldn't follow me home. Then I never answered his calls again.
#4 was from Kelly, whose prom date was less than romantic. MUCH less.
Ugh. I met this guy online (this was maybe 8, 9 years ago) and after chatting for a few weeks, we arranged to meet. I thought he was cute, so we agreed on a movie.

Well, he asked me to meet him in a public place (at a mall). No problem. The kicker? He was going to get food at the food court for his dinner and said that I could sit with him while he ate "if I wanted," or I could go get my own food. Uhhhhhhhh. Right. I chose to shop for 20 minutes. Great start already, huh?

So we went to the movie and he was just trying the whole time to touch me, hold my hand, rub my leg, etc. Perhaps here I should explain that he was a pre-med student and just thought he was the bee's knees. After the movie, he took me back to my car. He asked for a hug, so I went to give him a quick one, and he just grabbed me and held on for what seemed like an eternity (30 seconds, a minute, I don't know). I could just tell he was going to kiss me (or at least try), so I stepped back so I could reach my door handle, said "OW" really loud, pretended my ankle had twisted, and swiftly opened the door and "fell" into the car.

He asked me the next day if I wanted to come "spend the night" sometime. He was actually so full of himself that he thought there was no way I was disinterested! What a CREEP!!
And now it's up to you, my friends. Read carefully, consider well and then cast your vote in the poll below. Voting will be open until Sunday, February 8th at 11:59PM. I'll announce and contact the winner on Monday, February 9th and the winner will have 48 hours to provide me with mailing address information.

Vote well!

*Voting is now closed.*


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Enjoyed each frightful story.

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