Friday, October 09, 2009

Appreciating Me

It's Day 1 of Week 3 in my Gratitude Journey. The Gratitude Challenge for this week is to be grateful for who I am. As someone who holds herself to the highest standards and rarely feels she's good enough, this week will certainly be an interesting exercise in letting some crap go.

Today I'm supposed to "appreciate and give thanks for [my] unique personality, skills and talents." In some ways that is an easy task. I know what I am good at and I know that I have positive characteristics, that I am unique and talented. At the risk of sounding conceited, I know I'm smart, kind, compassionate and a good writer, among other things. But just writing that stuff down immediately triggers a long list of qualifications: sort of smart, usually kind, generally compassionate, pretty good writer. I start thinking I'm not as good a writer or as smart as so-and-so. I wasn't very compassionate the other day. Those things I thought about that stranger weren't very kind.

It's easy and common to judge myself harshly. It is real work, a rare occurrence, to allow myself to be grateful for all the things I am without worrying about all the things I am not. I'm going to try, though. Today I am going to pay attention to the things I like about myself, the things I can be proud of, the things that make me who I am. I'll leave the judgment and self-deprecation for another day.

What qualities and characteristics make you who you are? What talents and skills can you claim and be proud of--without wishing you were better at or more of something?

If you'd like to take The Gratitude Challenge, you can start any time. Just visit the website and sign your own pledge. You can also read more about what I'm grateful for by following my Gratitude Journey.


Kathryn Magendie said...

I know what you mean, about placing qualifers on our adjectives!

I think I am a - oh! I was going to write "pretty good" writer *laughing* -- dang....

Melanie said...

I'm enjoying this post series, Ami.

I always wonder what criteria people are using when they judge writing ability. I'm terrified of calling myself a 'writer' and having someone laugh in my face...

But you really ARE a 'writer'. It says it on your business card and everything.

Me? I'm a hobbyist at it, a 'blogger' only.

But I'm funny. They tell me I am and I hold on tight to those compliments because entertaining is important to me (which is just weird in a lot of ways).

Melanie said...

Holy crap! those quotations around writer up there in my comment make me look like an ass.

You, darling, are a WRITER.

Not a 'writer'.

No disparaging or derogatoryness was intended by my late night accidental quotation mark usage.

I am all love and admiration for you.

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