Friday, November 13, 2009

Help Me Choose My Business Name

I've been tossing around names for my writing and editing business for a while now. You may have seen a few cries for feedback on Twitter over the last couple of months. I've finally narrowed things down to a few favorites and I'd like your help in deciding which one becomes my official moniker.

I'd like my business name to be creative (but not too quirky). I'm looking for a name that doesn't back me into a corner niche-wise, is not a play on words, has a timeless quality that can be carried with me as my business evolves, and lends itself to a variety of tag lines depending on my target audience.

Please vote for the business you might choose to work with if you were looking for professional writing and editing services.

But wait! What's in it for you?

I know your time is valuable, so I'd like to give you something for your time and effort. If you'll take an extra minute or two to do any of the following in addition to answering the survey below, you could win a $20 Starbucks Gift Card.

For a single chance to win, leave a comment on this post with: 1) the business name you chose, 2) your reason for choosing that name, and 3) any feelings or associations the name brings with it.

For a second chance to win, leave a second comment with any feelings or associations the other names bring with them and any specific reasons you may have for not choosing them.

For a third chance to win, Tweet this survey with the #smtwngrlbiz hashtag and leave a third comment indicating you did so along with your Twitter ID.

The survey will close on Friday, November 20th at midnight. A winner will be chosen on Saturday, November 21st by random comment selection using Remember to make sure your profile allows me to contact you via email or leave your email address in the body of your comments so that I can contact you if you win.

*Voting is now closed.*


Alexis Grant said...


I think this would be an easier decision if I knew more about the specific services you offer.

I chose the first one because it reminded me of writing. Raspberry was too vague for me -- it didn't really tell me anything about your company. Neither did polka dots. But maybe there's some meaning to raspberry? Also, polka dots reminds me of kids and childhood, didn't evoke the professional feeling I'm guessing you wanted me to have.

I'd love to know more about the Paper Clip name -- Does it have more of a meaning than I assume?

Good luck -- Let us know what you chose!


Ecogordo said...

Ami, are you a writer or do you want to start a business?

Ami(last name)Communications

clear and to the point

Do you want to be in the communications business? That involves more than being a writer.

Best wishes,

Peggy Frezon said...

I chose Paperclip because it's a writerly object. Also the idea of paperclip makes me think of getting something extra--something additional (and hopefully special) being added to an original document, or whatever you may want to expand it to mean regarding your business.
Good luck!

Unknown said...

I chose the paper clip one because it makes me think: professional, organized, important...and a writer, of course.

I love polka dots, so I thought briefly about choosing that one, because it's more fun...but I think paper clip just sounds cleaner, stronger, more to the point.

I wasn't crazy about the raspberry one. I'm not sure why, except that food and writing/editing just seem too messy to go together. Raspberry stains on my paperwork, etc. lol!!!

Steven G. Atkinson said...

To be honest none of these really hits a bell with me. That was the reason that i picked Raspberry Communications. It seemed to be the one that I liked the best.

And the one nice thing about using raspberry is that it's not related to writing and stands out a little bit on its own.

Good Luck

Dawn Herring said...

The reason I didn't choose Polka Dot Editorial was because it sounded more like a design firm for clothing.

Paper Clip Editorial didn't quite do it for me; it sounds too sharp. I'm a big fan of paper clips, but it doesn't give me an impression of what you do with writing/editing.

It'll be interesting to see what you choose. :)

Dawn Herring said...

I RT'd your survey with the hashtag
#smtwngrlbiz on Twitter.

My Twitter Id is @journalwriter7.


Unknown said...

Hi Ami!!

It is so exciting that you are venturing on this new business! I chose Raspberry Communications... Raspberry was a bit different from the norm and seemed fun... Communications I like SO much better than Editorial. I think it embodies many more things in the world of writing. I also like Paper Clip Communications... I didn't like Polka Dot Editorial at all, it seemed very childish and not professional.

Love and miss you!!

Rachael Doddato

Jennifer Leaf said...

Hey Ami!

I agree, none of the names really grabbed me. Raspberry Communications is out, I think raspberry is too unrelated to the services you offer. Same with Polka Dot.

Paperclip Editorial comes the closest, but it didn't really seem quite right, either. While I know that "editorial" pertains to the work and editor does, I think most people will think of the editorials in the newspaper.

Also, for me, the relationship of "paperclip" and "editorial" seems stretched. While a paperclip is something used to hold paper together, and writing is done on paper, the words don't seem related enough for my liking. So the name ends up feeling a bit impersonal rather than something that invites a person in.

Good luck with choosing a name, what ever you decide!

Melanie said...

Good luck with your new business, Ami!

I like 'Paper Clip' best. Although, I agree with the previous commenter that naming your business after yourself might be a good idea.

Raspberry is out because, to me, a raspberry is not just a fruit, it's also a rude noise you make when you want to show someone disrespect.

I think Polka Dot is a bit too cutesy.

Alexis Grant said...

Just read some of these comments... Very interesting! To agree with a few of the things that were said... I, too, like the idea of naming it after yourself, and I think Communications works better than Editorial.

Looking forward to seeing what you pick.

Chelsea said...

I picked Paper Clip, I think it's trendy and fun, yet will get business done.

@cameronbarry said...

Hi Ami. I chose Paper Clip because it seems the most professional and because it has more to do with what you do than either of the others (as far as I know).

I love "Editorial" to describe your business, but as @ecogordo suggested, why not use your name. Ami (Last Name) Editorial? Clear and to the point.

Good luck!

Jamey Stegmaier said...

I would definitely nix Raspberry because of the spelling issues...ideally people won't have a problem with that elusive "p," but you have little margin for error.

Paper Clip is decent, but I associate that with the annoying paper clip helper in Microsoft Word.

That leaves Polka Dot, which is distinctive and memorable and could lend itself to a nice logo.

Ami said...

Thanks for the comments and feedback everyone. You gave me plenty to think about. I'm off select a random comment. Good luck!

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