Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A Little Inspiration

Laura, an amazing 10-year-old girl, has started a project to make a difference in her world. This girl is a leader and an inspiration. On the first of December, inspired by the memory of her grandfather, Laura began Twenty Five Days to Make a Difference. I stumbled on Laura's mission through Jen Lemen and thought it was a really sweet idea. I considered committing to joining Laura in her daily pursuit of making a difference, but honestly, I was afraid I'd fail. And publicly no less, because if I did it, I'd of course be forced to blog about it.

You see, it turns out I'm a relatively self-centered person. I didn't actually realize this until I was presented with the possibility of purposefully doing something for others. Every. Day. I couldn't imagine it. It seemed like such an inconvenience.

Then I read about Laura's grandfather, and about why she had chosen to pursue this idea. I read about what she'd done to make a difference in just a few days, and I realized that this 10-year-old was so much more selfless and open and giving than I. It took a child's innocence to open my eyes to my own selfishness. So, with great trepidation, I decided I'd commit. Thankfully, Laura says I don't have to be perfect in my pursuit of making a difference. Instead, I've decided to commit to step up and make a difference when I can.

With Laura's list of suggestions and my own conscious effort to do something good for others and my world this month, I'll be looking for opportunities to make a difference in December. I may or may not blog about it (after my month-long NaNo saga, I'm a little tired of series posts). But seeing Laura's site and reading about all that she's done in just a few days to help others has really inspired me to look outside myself a bit more this month.

Check out what Laura's doing. Her actions might just inspire you to give a little more of yourself during this season of giving, too.

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