Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Winter Wonderland

I just got home from a dentist appointment and errands. Simple, everyday experiences. But I had one of those moments on my way home where I was suddenly in complete awe of the beauty around me.

It was dark, and the street lights shone bright against the night. Snow flakes drifted down from heaven, clinging to one another and landing - Splat! - against my windshield. Something about the way they floated on the breeze in tiny clumps like dandelion fluffs made my heart skip a beat. I turned off the book I was listening to and sat up in the driver's seat, more alert.

It was breathtaking: the way the millions of flakes filled the air; the way they formed stripes on bare tree branches; the way they held tight to evergreen bushes lining sidewalks. For a few minutes, I was driving through a winter wonderland. It felt like the world had stopped and this snowfall, a minor storm so many people were probably cussing and fussing about, was sent down just for me. The flakes were falling to the ground so that today I could be driving down a street I don't normally drive and experience this beauty of nature.

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