Wednesday, July 02, 2008

It's Time to Admit It

As you can see by the new banner and new profile image, I've decided to change things up a bit around here. That change includes my name. Yes, it's time to come out from beneath the imaginary invisibility cloak I've been hiding under.

Many of you out there know me as smtwngrl. When I jumped ship at Spaces and decided to become a Blogger blogger, becoming smtwngrl was my very weak attempt at anonymity. I'm not sure exactly what I was thinking, since I directed everyone from Weight of My World--where I was known by my first name--to join me here at Writing: My Life. Once here, I didn't try particularly hard to dissuade people from calling me by my first name--and I even linked to my professional website in the sidebar eventually--but I wasn't exactly forthcoming with the information, either.

With some of the additional blogging I've been doing under my real name--often linking back to this blog--and having realized that my name is pretty connected to this blog anyway, I've decided to get rid of smtwngrl and claim my name. There's no sense in trying to keep up the charade any longer. From here on out, feel free to call me...Ami.

If you weren't already, that is. If you were, consider yourselves ahead of the curve.


Shawn said...

Great banner. I love that you have a focus on local food. I want to implement a once-weekly stay local, shop local day, where we don't drive, eat all local food and enjoy our city. I find it hard to stick to one day a week, though.

Anonymous said...

I like the header. Very nice! And nice to know you as Ami : )

Ami said...

Shawn - Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you like the banner. It was fun creating it! I'm not brave enough to commit to an all-local day yet. Mostly I try to be local as much as possible, though.

Erin - Thanks! It's good to be known by my name. :)

Unknown said...

Hi Amy

It must be fun throwing off that cloak of invisibility!

Hope you enjoy where your new blogging identity takes you


patresa hartman said...

uh oh. i never even thought about preserving your anonymity. i spit your name out all over the place -- in my links and everything. sorry!!

Neil said...

Hi, Ami!

Anonymous said...

hi ami!
i'm a new fan of your blog. love the banner! are those your gorgeously healthy fingernails?? eating locally does wonders :)

Ami said...

Joanna - It's amazing how liberating it is!

P - No worries...I would have asked you to edit if it had been a big deal. Besides, I wasn't exactly being discrete myself.

Hi Neil!

Akula - Glad to have you! Thanks for the compliment on the banner. Unfortunately, that picture is not of me. I'd love to have nails like that...and the thin upper arms would be nice, too.

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