Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Look What I Found

Or rather, what found me. I got home on Sunday and went down to the basement to feed the cat and I could hear meowing. I had just seen Gizmo upstairs, so I knew it wasn't her. I looked out the basement window, but couldn't see anything.

Later, when I was in the kitchen making dinner I heard the meowing again. I still couldn't see anything, so I figured it was one of the neighbors' cats. The meowing didn't stop, though, and when I went out to water the plants at dusk, this is what I found:

I ignored it, and I haven't fed it, but it's still here. This morning when I went out to water the plants again, the cute little kitty followed me around rubbing up against my legs every time I stood still. It's clearly used to being around humans, so I'm guessing that either someone dropped it off nearby, or some little girl has lost her precious little kitten. I've posted a Found Cat notice on Craigslist and will probably print up some flyers tomorrow, but I'm almost completely convinced that this is a sign. I've been thinking about adopting a cat to keep Gizmo company for quite a while now. And this one is so adorable that I can't stop thinking about it. My only concern is that Gizmo might not be interested in a new brother or sister.

Just in case I decide to keep it, I made an appointment to get it checked out at the vet, but they couldn't get me in until next week. In the meantime, it's really hot out and I'm not going to leave the poor thing without water and food. So, it looks like I'm adopting a new cat unless someone claims it soon.

I'm also planning to get a separate litter box, food/water dishes and toys for the new cat tomorrow--just in case--and if I bring it indoors before the appointment next week, I'll keep it separated until it gets checked for any diseases. Other than that, I'm not sure how best to go about bringing the two together. Has anyone out there had experience with introducing a new cat to an older one who's had complete rule of the house for more than three years? I'll take any tips I can get. And if you think I should just take it to the SPCA and be done with it, let me know. Everybody needs a reality check once in a while.


34 Years said...

I'm not going to be much help to you I'm afraid - one look at the picture of that poor little cutie on your porch steps and I melted.

Cute baby animals are my kryptonite.

Of course, if she is lost I hope the party looking for her contacts you - I'll take that as a happy ending :)

Ami said...

34 Years - Yeah, it's very clear why God made baby things so cute. How can you turn away from a baby??? It may not matter now though. There was a storm last night and kitty was no where to be found this morning. Unless it comes back, it looks like all my planning was for naught. Not to mention that My Love is very much against brining any more cat HAIR into the house. :)

Anonymous said...

"Just in case I decide to keep it"

*snort* Whatever, sweetie. That cat is YOURS. YOu were sucked in. Kittens have a way of doing that.

And I hope it comes back.

nejyerf said...

oh....i hope it comes back! and if it doesn't, there is always adoption!

the pet store in town is always holding adoption weekends. i have to steel myself every time i go by. we've got two cats and that is enough.

i have found that when you bring a new cat into the house the old cat will put up a fuss and hiss and growl but eventually they adjust.

keep up updated!

Kat Mortensen said...

We have 4 cats - all rescues of a sort - all introduced to each other at different times. We tend to go for the non-separation approach which is contrary to what experts will tell you, but worked for us.
We did take the 3rd one away with us to a cottage the weekend we got her, but that was because it was Thanksgiving, she was a kitten and we couldn't leave her alone. Our oldest female Blanche did not take to her at all, but when we removed the new one (Daisy) from the scene for a few days, Blanche was actually happy to see her again! We think she was just pleased to know that she wasn't losing her mind.
Our 4 get along pretty well (with exception of the odd night-time skirmish) and we would probably use the same approach with anyone new in the future (we're not looking to make it 5 though!)


How has everything worked out so far?

Ami said...

An update on the kitten coming soon. Sorry for the delay!

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