Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another Mid-week Round-up

Wednesday seems to be the perfect day for me to stop and catch my breath, evaluate what I've managed to accomplish over the last few days, and plan ahead for what I need to do before the weekend (or during the weekend if the list is really long, which it usually is). This week started out like a slow-moving train and has picked up speed unexpectedly. The thing is, I have great projects going on right now that make the busy-ness and minor sleep deprivation seem worth it. Since I haven't really had much time to write up full posts, I thought I'd give you all another mid-week list of things that are rolling around in my brain to keep you entertained. Hope it works!

  • If you're interested in living "green," you might want to check out National Geographic's newest contribution to the world of publications: Green Guide. While I haven't actually seen a print copy of this magazine yet, I'm interested to get my hands on one. The green-living information available for free on the website seems pretty helpful, too.
  • If you've been around for a few months, you know that I took part in the Great Interview Experiment (which is STILL going on by the way, so you're welcome to go join in on the fun if you'd like). Now I'm branching out and taking it upon myself to interview some of my favorite bloggers and non-bloggers. So, prepare yourself for the first independent installment in the True Blogsphere Story series. I'm working on the interview now and hope to have it up by early next week. And who knows, you just might be next...
  • A little motivating note to anyone else out there who struggles with eating issues and/or weight problems. I've lost 10 pounds over the last 2 and a half months, and I did it without dieting. It's amazing what can happen when you start listening to your body and stop starving it.
  • I officially sent in my check for the CSA. This has me doing a mini Dinner-at-Hand challenge to try and empty out my freezer and refrigerator in preparation for the onslaught of fresh produce. I know I'm a little early, but it's also in preparation for a new-to-me refrigerator that a wonderful friend of mine is giving to me. It's only a few years old, but they just remodeled their kitchen and didn't want the old one to go to waste. My 1970s model isn't big enough, energy-efficient enough, and doesn't work well enough to handle the quantity of food I hope to be freezing come summer and fall, so this is a wonderful blessing!
  • I've been trying to get into a more consistent yoga practice at home, for both strengthening and relaxation, and I just found a great tool to help me. Yoga Journal's free weekly yoga podcasts. You can download them through iTunes or listen to them at the Yoga Journal website. They're about 30 minutes each, and the instructor, Jason Crandell, who's a writer and staff yoga teacher for Yoga Journal, does an excellent job leading you through the practice. If you're a beginner, or need more guidance on some of the poses, you can follow along with images on their website, too, which makes it really accessible for anyone who isn't as familiar with yoga.
  • I'm also working on getting through that 2008 To-Do list. All in all, I'm doing pretty well. So far I:
    • Started one of #4
    • Started #5
    • Have been doing #6 religiously
    • Have been trying to practice #7
    • Have been consistently working toward #8
    • Am on track with #9
    • Am on schedule for #12
    • And am dipping my toes into #13
Well, that's enough of that. Have a great Hump Day!

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Sarah said...

Amen to losing weight without dieting! I lost the same weight in about the same time and it can be done! Right lifestyle choices! That's what it is all about!

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