Friday, May 09, 2008

Another Step

If you haven't noticed (and maybe you haven't because I can't say I've really been writing a whole lot about my writing these days), the writing thing is really taking off for me. While I may not be getting a pile of cash for all of my writing gigs, I'm finding more passion and enjoyment in it, which is success in my book.

On Wednesday, I was invited to join the forum of women professionals over at Damsels in Success. What this means is that there is yet another place where you can read what I have to say, in this case about work, life, business and balance. My first piece (originally published in at Weight of My World) was posted Wednesday. I'm excited to have yet another outlet for my writing and to join such an amazing group of women who are all chasing their dreams and pursuing their passions. Being surrounded by so many women doing what they love and loving what they do motivates me to keep reaching for my goals. And having a support group of people going through, or having been through, similar challenges, struggles and milestones makes those goals seem all that more achievable.

From the Damsels About page:

At Damsels, we agree with the popular notion that, in order to grow something, you have to give it attention. And we want to put the spotlight on YOU... Your fascinating stories, your valuable insights, your ambitious dreams. When you visit Damsels In Success, you should feel that you are in the company of women who listen and share. A Damsels woman is one who wants to hear others' perspective on the professional situations that women have all experienced or witnessed, and she is one who has her own enlightening and curious perspective to share. At the very least, participating in Damsels In Success should be a fun conversation. But we hope it is much more...
There are plenty of resources available at Damsels. You can network with others, search the job database, share your stories, or read about the experiences of others and join in on the conversations. If you're a working woman, whether in an office or at home, Damsels in Success has something for you.

And if nothing else, I hope you'll check out my posts each month. Thanks for reading! You make this writing thing REAL.

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Vered said...

I'm glad your writing is going well and that your talent is being acknowledged. It is a wonderful gift to wake up each day and do what you love.

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