Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Getting By

I'm tired. I'm busy--but doing nothing, it seems. I'm not sleeping well, my mind is on overdrive, and my body is wearing down.

I mentioned last week that I was in a slump, and it's not really getting much better.

I'm taking a break over the long weekend and will hopefully come back to my life refreshed, renewed, refocused, remotivated and relaxed.

In the meantime, any advice you have would be helpful. What do you do when you get into a funk?


patresa hartman said...

Slumps stink!

I do a few things:

1. Sometimes I feel like it's just my body's way of telling me it needs a break, and so I do nothing. I just sink and let it work through its own cycle.

2. But my favorite thing to do is to get outside. I have felt really good finding a state park or recreational area on a map, getting there and wandering around -- being really quiet and just observing trees and sky and critters. Makes me feel very whole and part of something, instead of fragmented and alone like I feel when things get hectic.

3. At work, I once felt recharged after redecorating my work space. I put up silly things around my desk, dumb toys, funny post cards. I also started a "feel good" file and any time I got some feedback that reminded me I made a difference, I'd tuck it into my feel good file.

4. A new workout regimen has also helped pull me out of a slump. That mind-body connection is a powerful one.

Mostly, it just always helps me to remember that everything has a cycle. And usually, slumps are just part of that cycle, so I try to be patient and just keep breathing.

Take care!

NoRegrets said...

Exercise works. But not necessarily immediately. Be nice to yourself. Clear your mind somehow - let yourself figure out what's going wrong.

NoRegrets said...

Oh, and deep breaths. I find that I stop breathing almost when I'm stressed/in a funk.

Anonymous said...

Pilates! It's exercise, but not sweaty exercise, and you just feel all loose and relaxed afterwards. Stretch those muscles out. YOu'll feel great!

Ami said...

Thanks for all the suggestions!

I've tried many of these already, and some of them definitely help. It looks like this time I really was just run down and tired because, with some rest and time with my family and friends back home, I'm feeling much better.

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