Thursday, October 30, 2008

Review: A Jolly Good Fellow

When I received my review copy of A Jolly Good Fellow, by Stephen V. Masse, I wasn't sure what to think. While the book was a winner of the Independent Publisher Book Awards, I must admit that if I don't find it on the shelves of Barnes & Noble, I rarely give a book a second thought. As a struggling writer and a hopeful novelist, this probably isn't the best of attitudes to have. So I gave myself a stern talking to and then hesitantly gave the book a chance.

I'm glad I wasn't deterred by my book prejudices, because I found A Jolly Good Fellow to be interesting and enjoyable. The main character, Duncan, is an unprepared kidnapper whose mark falls into his lap one day and proceeds to change his life. Gabriel, the son of a man Duncan loathes, turns out to be more than Duncan bargained for. The kidnapping doesn't go exactly as planned, but in the end Duncan gets more than money for his efforts.

A Jolly Good Fellow was a quick read, and I found myself pulled along by Duncan's multiple foibles and mishaps. Without Gabriel, this book would have faltered early on, but Masse made sure Gabriel was as interesting and insightful as an 11-year-old boy can be. If you're looking for a book with rich, vulnerable, flawed characters who grow and change despite the odds being stacked against them, then you'll enjoy this book.

For an author interview with Stephen V. Masse, visit Write Out Loud.


Angie Ledbetter said...

Flawed characters with lots of idiosyncracies are my fav. (Hope I spelled that correctly...need more coffee.)

Ami said...

Mine, too. I think, more than anything, that's why I liked this book. I kept thinking, "what else is this guy going to mess up?" :)

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