Wednesday, June 30, 2010

July Fit 'N' Healthy Challenge

It's hard to believe that another month is almost over. But, alas, June is coming to an end and the second month of the Fit 'N' Healthy Challenge is almost behind us.

How did you do on June's goal to try at least one new exercise activity each week? Did you find any new exercises that you've incorporated into your regular routine? Were there exercise activities that you know you'll never try again? What was your favorite new exercise?

When I chose June's goal, I did it because I needed some motivation to get out of my exercise rut, which amounted to 30 - 45 minutes on the elliptical and the occasional outdoor walk as many days as I could manage. I had hoped to try out some new classes at my gym, maybe get on a few new machines, and try a couple of new exercise videos. Unfortunately, the classes I was hoping to try didn't fit into my schedule, and it has been way too hot here in Baltimore to even attempt doing any exercise in my living room.

Despite those challenges, I managed to add a few new exercise activities to my routing. I tried out new programs on the elliptical and treadmill. I even got on the rowing machine and stairmill and gave them a try. I'm planning to continue this challenge into July and work on arranging my schedule to try out some of those classes I've been missing out on.

The best thing about these last two months of the Fit 'N' Healthy Challenge is that I feel like I've really gotten into a fitness routine. I'm exercising regularly and actually *gasp* enjoying it!

Now that we've had a couple of months to practice getting fit, I thought we'd shift gears a bit. For July's Fit 'N' Healthy goal, we're going to work on our eating habits. It's summer, and that means it's the perfect time to start eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. Since I gave up meat, I don't have much of a problem eating plenty of fruits and veggies, but sometimes the variety is a little lacking. Keeping that in mind, I'm making this month's goal two-fold.

July's Fit 'N' Healthy Challenge is:

Eat at least 4 servings of vegetables each day and incorporate one new-to-you veggie each week.

I'd highly recommend you head to your local farmers' market and get creative. Try some kohlrabi (these easy kohlrabi refrigerator pickles are delish). Saute up some Swiss chard. Pick up some heirloom tomatoes and make a refreshing salad. Have fun exploring new foods and dishes. And don't be afraid to chat with fellow shoppers or the farmers who grew the veggies. They'll always have recommendations and suggestions on what to try or how to prepare it.

Are you in? If so, you can check back here to tell us what types of veggies you're trying out this month, share new recipes you come across, and/or tweet about your progress using the #fitNhealthy hash tag. You can also grab the Fit ‘N’ Healthy button to put on your blog. (As always, thanks to Mel, of Mel's Box of Chocolates, for the awesome challenge button!)

Let's have a Fit & Healthy July!

If you're just joining in on the Fit 'N' Healthy Challenge, the goal is to make and work toward one fitness, health or wellness goal each month. At the beginning of the month, I’ll offer up a goal that we can all work toward and throughout the month I’ll check in to make sure we’re all on track. If the monthly goal speaks to you, feel free to jump in and join us. Just leave a comment letting me know you’re trying to get fit and healthy, too. If the goal isn’t for you, don’t worry. You can still join in. Set your own goal for the month, post it in the comments and we’ll cheer you on as you work toward your goal, too.


Karina said...

Okay, I'm in! And my post is up.

Good job on trying new things this month! Keep it up girl!!! ;-)

Julie Cornewell said...

I'm in too. I hate veggies so this will be a rela challenge for me. Since I missed last month's challenge I think I'm going to add it to July's.

Purplesong said...

Two summers ago after beginning a running program at a local park I passed a farmers market on the trip home. Eventually I stopped in and purchased some veggies, loved it so I stopped in at least once a week. Best summer I ever tasted! The organic home grown freshness of the vegetables helped me feel fuller, more satisfied. We eat less when we get to enjoy what we eat. So my July challenge is not in the eating veggies its the workouts and temptation to chill in the hot weather. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I don't have trouble eating fruits and vegetables every day, as I tend to eat a mostly vegetarian diet anyway, with a little fish. BTW, I'm totally addicted to the greek salad recipe - I make it once a week now, and it's enough for two lunches. I've left out the oregano and sardines, and I sometimes have it with grilled salmon or shrimp.

What I need to incorporate back into my routine is weight training every other day, so that's my July goal.

Ami said...

Karina - You're on top of things this month! Loved your post and will comment later. Glad you're joining in again!

Julie - Great plan. Looking forward to having you join us!

Vanessa - I don't really have trouble getting my veggies since I eat a pescatarian diet, but I do have trouble with variety sometimes. :) Glad you're joining in with your own goals!

Cate - Glad you're enjoying that salad. I've been making it pretty regularly, too. I think I'll join you with the weight training, too! That was the other goal I was considering for this month, so I'm taking your mention of it as a sign that I should add it on to my own routine. Here's to strong muscles and lots of veggies!

Ann Spencer said...

Ok Ami, I'm gonna give this my best shot. I like my veggies alot but am quite picky and it will be a challenge to try new ones but change is good so I will try. I did so well at last month's challenge with trying new workouts ( I now believe that Jillian Michaels was put on this world to torture me) and even lost 5 of my wanted 15 so I'm in again :)

Ami said...

Happy to have you join in again, Ann! Awesome work with the new Jillian workouts and the 5 pounds lost. That's great!

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