Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sunday Scribbling: Elixer

I'm not sure why, because I haven't written poetry since I was in elementary school, but this week's prompt immediately had me creating a poem.

Prompt #106: Fearless

His love, like elixer
fills me warm
and gentle.

Something new found
within his eyes,
brown and

Acceptance, kindness,
His love
for only me.

It fills me and
I am fearless,


anno said...

You've said it just right: love draws us out beyond our fears, beyond our marked territory, into something blazingly new, wonderful, and inspiring.

gautami tripathy said...

Love does that to us...

shapely ghosts

tumblewords said...

The flavor of love - nicely done!

smtwngrl said...

anno - isn't it amazing?

guatami - it sure does. even when we try to stop it.

tumblewords - thanks!

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