Friday, June 01, 2007

Let It Go

The time has come to say goodbye to my Spaces version of this blog. I had some great times over there, like the week I was featured on What's Your Story. And I met some great blog friends over there, too (plus many more), a good number of whom have also skipped Spaces Town. But the trouble of posting an entry at Spaces these days far outweighs the benefits of being part of the Spaces community. Hopefully, my regular readers will just update their links and blogrolls and read me here at Blogger instead.

I plan to eventually transfer my favorite Weight of My World posts to this blog, but for now I'll be leaving WoMW up. So you can still peruse my archives there. I just can't continue to maintain both blogs. Not only was I unbelievably bad at keeping two blogs going (I mean, come on, I can barely come up with enough time and material for one!), but Spaces has gradually accumulated enough checks in the Cons column to force me to jump ship. It regularly takes me an hour or more to format, categorize and post an entry because it’s just not very user friendly. I can’t use Spaces in Firefox and even in Internet Explorer it often causes my computer to freeze up. It’s just plain difficult, while Blogger is so, so easy. With all that’s going on in my life right now, easy is good. It’s great. It’s necessary, really.

So, here I am. A Blogger girl for real.


nejyerf said...

i hear ya' sister!

i got out of spaces back in the fall. it is too clique-ish for me.

plus there was a group of women who ganged up on a guy and basically ran him out of town. and it made me feel icky.

my writing seems to have fallen off a bit since i moved to blogger. i think it is mostly because my life is just very dull right now.

my very favorite feature of blogger? the spell check.

i liked "like water for chocolate" both the book and the movie. i read it ages ago and fell in love with it.

i'm currently reading (from the library) shoeless joe by W.P. Kinsella and am quite liking it. it's a devation from what i usually read - murder mysteries. it's peaceful. so far no bloody bodies or bad cops.

Anonymous said...

Amen sister!
I left a while ago and decided a few months ago to delete the spaces altogether. It was such a pain in the butt! The site became slower and slower not to mention how many times my computer froze while viewing other peoples posts. Im liking wordpress, but have had a blog on blogger once too...hmmm I wonder if its still up? OMG it is! ha ha thats where I first started writing in 2004. Too funny dude.

Ami said...

nejyerf - I loved Like Water for Chocolate! In fact, I'm investigating others by the same author to put on my To Be Read list. I'm finishing up The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama now and I'm going to read Me & Emma by Elizabeth Flock next. My book tastes are pretty eclectic. I'll try just about any author once and for the rest of their career if I the first taste is a good one.

jenni - I'm glad I'm not the only one who was having the freezing issues with Spaces. Part of the reason I stuck around so long over there was because I thought maybe it was my computer and not the site. Good to know I was wrong. Too bad I waited so long to take the leap, though. Oh well!

patresa hartman said...

eeesh. it got that bad, huh? i don't know what's going on at spaces. seems like it went to the crapper when they made one big switch to a different format. it's too bad.

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