Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen Reasons I Almost Forgot About the 13

1. I had yesterday off for appointments and keep thinking today is Wednesday.

2. I had another post I wanted to get up tonight and wasn't looking frantically for something to write about.

3. I was cooking a great dinner of fresh produce, including a delicious portabella burger with roasted red pepper and a basil mayo sauce. If you're lucky, I might share the recipe in a future post. These things are my new favorite meal!

4. I had to get an article up at Feed the Soul for this week. (If you click that link, then yes, I'm on a major local eating kick and it's tainting every area of my writing and life. Please don't hold that against me.)

5. The refrigerator repair person is coming tomorrow at 7:30 AM to replace the thermostat, so I had to clean the refrigerator out as much as possible. He'll need room to maneuver in there.

6. My cat is being super needy and I've been required to cuddle and hold her as soon as I set my butt down anywhere.

7. I have a major, life-changing possibility on my mind and can't seem to focus on much else. (More to come later if it all pans out.)

8. I miss My Love. (Pathetic, but true.) He's working a lot these days and some weeks I feel particularly needy and lonely. Others, I enjoy the solitude and time to work on my writing and visit with neighbors and friends.

9. I was invited to two birthday parties on Saturday and I have to make a HUGE batch of spaghetti for one. This may seem simple, but it involves grocery shopping and preparation because the parties are back-to-back and I won't have much time for cooking on Saturday.

10. I'm trying to get through Me & Emma for my TBR Challenge this month and was trying to get off the computer before 9PM so I could read before I went to sleep. (Not happening.)

11. I've been revising a resume for a client and she emailed me with a last minute request right before I sat down to eat my dinner, completely distracting me from my other evening tasks. I'm getting paid to get her the job, after all.

12. My website is finally up and running. I'm still working on some of the content, however, which has been my first and foremost objective this week. With everything that keeps coming up, that's not getting done either.

13. It just slipped my mind, alright?

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Bernie said...

Sounds like your a rather busy woman!!!
Our TT13 is up if you want to come over andhave a look...
Cheers Bernie

byoc said...

Wow, and I thought I was busy with a full time job away from home, managing our rental units 11 of them, and raising 2 grandchildren. Makes my day look like a piece of cake.

Anonymous said...

You're a super busy woman. Hope you get everything done. Great TT. Happy Friday!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Yup, you're on overload. Handling it with great grace, too, I might add.

I think I've lost track of what day it is, to be honest, now that there's no school to make me keep track...

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