Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Feast or Famine

I know I keep saying this, but things really are busy around here. It's amazing to me how busyness seems to cycle in my life. Maybe I need it to be that way to keep going, or maybe it's just the way of the world, but it seems that one day I have very minimal going on in my life and then suddenly, the Heavens open up and the work starts raining down, my personal life becomes more active, and the new television season starts. What's a girl to do???

Put her nose to the grindstone and churn out the work, taking breaks only to watch her three favorite shows, eat dinner, and enjoy short bursts of QT with My Love, of course. And to keep you semi-up-to-date, I'll provide another bulleted list. I know at least one of my readers enjoys them. ;o)

  • I took the offer from Old Job. It was something I just couldn't refuse.
  • I'm excited to return to the old office and be around my peeps again.
  • I visited Philadelphia for the first time this past weekend.
  • I was very excited because I took the train for the first time to get there.
  • The train isn't all that exciting.
  • I stayed with one of my closest friends in Philly. She was there for a conference.
  • While she was busy I spent time in Rittenhouse Square hoping to run into one of my favorite authors. Turns out it was all for naught because she was out of town.
  • We worked on some writing projects during my friend's off-time.
  • We also ate an amazing dinner at the Midtown version of the Continental Restaurant and Martini Bar and drank a little too much wine.
  • We then ate ice cream that was to die for at Scoop DeVille. (OK, I got fat-free frozen yogurt, but if you check out their menus you'll see that it really doesn't matter...I got the Snicker Doodle Dough concoction.)
  • I didn't feel guilty afterward.
  • I'm almost finished with one of my recent projects--website content for a diabetes coalition in NY state. Very exciting stuff.
  • I've just taken on two new projects: one is very short term, the other will take much longer, but will pay better, too.
  • I can see several other freelance gigs on the horizon, including some potential ghost writing opportunities.
  • My iPod Mini is on it's last battery legs and I'm debating whether I should just get it refurbished at the Apple Store or if I should suck it up and buy the 8GB (PRODUCT)RED or the 80GB classic in black. Any recommendations?
  • I'm really tired...It's way past my bed time. Goodnight!


nejyerf said...

yay for the new/old job!!

I kept meaning to tell you that you needed a candy jar to entice people to acknowledge you!

I’ve never been to Philadelphia but I HAVE been to NYC

I too took a train to get there – NJ Transit

when my nephew got on the train for the first time he said very matter-of-factly – “it smells like my school bus” . he was right.

Snicker Doodle Dough ice cream– yum

I know nothing about iPods, but I DO know color and if you can’t get orange, red is the next best thing.

Unknown said...

I am happy for you taking your old job back. It's all about what makes you happy. ;)

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