Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Some New Posts in Other Places

I know; you're amazed at my proliferation of posts over the last few days. I'm super excited about things that are going on, and feeling uber creative, so posting here is just another wonderful outlet for what's happening in my head. Today, it's an update on the writing front.

I've been hard at work trying to get my name out there as a freelance writer and editor, as you've all heard before. So new clips are surfacing regularly, and my work is getting out there more and more. There's the Going Green blog at Radiant Magazine Online where I recently posted two entries on living a greener life. There's the fitness and nutrition blog at Feed the Soul, Inc where I'm still posting regular tips on creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I just submitted an article for the Winter issue of Radiant Magazine. I'm also working on a query for an article about an integrative nutrition program I heard about through a friend. I'd like to get that one published in a national magazine (think Health, Natural Health, Shape, or Self). Oh, and the website I was writing content for is finally live!

All in all, it's been a pretty productive September and October. I'm very excited about what lies ahead! Of course, with NaNoWriMo starting in just a couple of weeks, I'm trying to get things in order for my month of novel writing. I'm really excited to put some serious focus on this story I have to tell. You might not hear much from me during the month of November (you should be used to that by now), but I'll at least try to keep you posted on daily word/page counts. Maybe I'll even post a few exerpts if I find myself writing good stuff!

1 comment:

nejyerf said...

well done ami!!

i've been debating about doing the blogging every day thing.

but i just don't know if i have that much to say.

also, email me your address again. if you please. i seem to have lost it and i'm definitely sending you a christmas card!!

that's right. i'm thinking about christmas already!

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