Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #18

Here's a little something for a Thursday afternoon. Not much, but something...

Thirteen Things I Thought, Did or Said This Week

1. Thought, Did and Said: See my last post.

2. Thought: (In response to a post I read at a girl, a dog, and a second chance) Why do people insist on having personal conversations on their cell phones in the middle of the check-out line at Wal-Mart at levels that allow them to be heard three people back even amidst the din of the after-work crowd?

3. Did: Made an excellent shrimp and vegetable pasta dish for dinner. (Stay tuned for the recipe.)

4. Did: Taken four trips to a grocery store in as many days. All different stores, I might add.

5. Said: (to My Love after a wild rant about SUV-driving, inconsiderate, environment-destroying crazy people) "Yes, I'll still love you if you want to buy a pick-up truck, but only if it's not your main vehicle and you keep your car to drive unless you need to haul something."

6. Said: (to my co-worker after describing the wild rant I'd gone off on and the ensuing conversation between My Love and I) "I think my desire to be a better person is making me too judgmental." His response was: "You don't say."

7. Thought: (while listening to an NPR guest discuss the uninhabitability of the earth over the next century based on current human activity) Will my children's children have a planet to live on?

8. Thought: (in response to #7) Am I ever going to have children?

9. Did: Started a new routine of lunch-time workouts. I've decided I can't get up early in the morning; my body's just not having it. And I make too many excuses in the evening. So, since I'm lucky enough to go to a gym that's just around the corner from my office, lunch-time workouts are perfect. I don't have to get up early, and I can't make any excuses when it's time to go home. Let's see how long I can stick to this one...

10. Did: Watched Casanova. I don't even remember putting this on my Blockbuster queue, but I'm glad I did. It was surprisingly good for a silly romantic comedy. Also a little weird to watch because it stars Heath Ledger and I kept thinking...

11. Thought: It's so sad that Heath Ledger won't ever make another movie.

12. Did: Gave away my old refrigerator on Freecycle.

13. Did: Had major issues with my internet connection at home. Working on it, but in the meantime, my lunch break and early mornings at work are the only internet time I have. Verizon is not on my happy list right now.

What did you say, think or do this week?

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PrettyLifeOnline said...

Great list! Hope you can visit my site got an awards waiting for all thursday thirteeners... Happy TT!

Open Grove Claudia said...

This is neat. Sorry, usually I'm more articulate, but I'm a bit overimpressed just the thought, did , said.... how cool.

yes, well... We have a truck because we live in Denver and it's shitty about 9 months of the year. Sad but true. We had a TDI jetta but it went off the road 4 times. yeah.... :)

Happy TT!

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

This was a great idea for a list! It was really interesting, and you're right about Heath Ledger. :(

Betsy said...

I hooted (yes, hooted!!) at #6. I am sooooo the same way.

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