Monday, June 18, 2007

Kammie's Kick

I'm a sucker for personal coaching and motivational quotes, so when I found Kammie a few months ago I couldn't get enough. The negative-thinking me needs some positive reminders on occasion. And I'm always looking for challenges to get my butt in gear and create the life I want instead of complaining about the one I have.

The newest Passion Meets Purpose challenge is to make a commitment to do something for 14 days straight that will shift a project, goal, plan or idea from stalled into overdrive. I've been in a bit of an exercise slump for several months now, but I know I'm capable of a regular workout routine. I did it for over a year, in fact. All I need is a jump start to get my body back in the habit. So for the next 14 days I am committing to 30-60 minutes of physical activity. It can be any type of physical activity that moves me (pun intended): yoga, walking, Pilates, jumping rope, strength training. But it has to be done. Every day. No excuses.

And when that challenge is done, and I'm working out on the regular again, I'm going to give my daily writing practice a kick in the pants. I've been writing more, but I'm still not at an everyday level yet. (Yes, my last "commitment" lost momentum quite some time ago.)

I know that if I can do something for 14 days straight then I can do it for 30, 60, 90, or 365. With Kammie's kick in the pants, some jiggly parts that are growing, and some new writing projects coming my way, I'm thinking positively and believing that this time things can be different and I can reach my goals.

If at first you don't succeed, right?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes!

I'll jump on that bandwagonw ith you! I have a few things I'd like to change starting with more exercise.

Good luck!
~ Fat Chick

Proto said...

work it for the betterment.
um, yeah, that.

Anonymous said...

As soon as you get in the groove again, the workouts should become a habit. Slumps happen--you'll recover! Anyway, I do wish you well in your progress.

Anonymous said...

btw: my newest client is a 'life coach' and I just adore her. It really takes a special personality to do that stuff. Highly motivating!

Ami said...

Fat Chick - So? How's it going? So far so good on this end. :)

Proto - Workin' it!

itcm - It's all coming back to me now. And I guess that's what makes them the life coaches and me the one who needs coaching--they've got that "coach" mindset.

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