Friday, August 24, 2007

Can Someone Toss Me a Lifepreserver?

I'm feeling bit overwhelmed, but what's new? As you can see by my lack of posts, things are a bit busy around here. It turns out that being busy during the work day doesn't bode well for getting personal stuff done. I didn't realize how much personal stuff I used to do during work hours at my last job until I started this new job. Since I'm actually doing work for 8 hours, I don't have time to pay my bills, check my email, research and plan my vacations. So, I have to do those things when I get home, along with mowing the lawn (does it ever stop growing???), washing the dishes, doing the laundry and getting rooms ready for a tentative painting weekend in the near future, which means less time for reading and writing blogs.

Hopefully, ya'll won't feel too neglected. Feel free to check in with a comment or email (thanks for being so good about this, Jen and Katy). Getting into a new routine is going to take some time, but I'll be around and I'll post when I can. Thanks to my faithful readers (all five of you) for sticking with me. I like having you around!

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nejyerf said...

i hear you on doing the personal stuff at work. my bills wouldn't get paid nor my blog writtedn if i couldn't do it at work. thank go i don't work in a corporate world where they check what goes on in your computer!!

re: mandy moore....i should correct my statement. it's not that i don't like her. it just that i don't LISTEN to her. i do appreciate very much that she hasn't allowed herself to get sucked into the whole celebrity thing.
she was cute in american dreamz. and yes, i have watched that movie several times. that is somewhat embarassing to admit but for the sake on honesty, there you go.

also, she went out with zach braff, so i guess she can't be all that bad!?!

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