Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #8

During my recent visit with my family, I realized that, despite its many drawbacks, there's a lot to love about the town I grew up in.

Thirteen Things I Rediscovered While
Visiting My Hometown

1. The light breeze that blows off the lake is the most refreshing breeze there is.

2. Thousands of fireflies sparkle in corn fields like earth-bound stars.

3. The stars in the sky are so plentiful there's little room for darkness.

4. Open green space is valuable, beautiful and necessary.

5. Just because land is available doesn't mean you should put a house on it.

6. An entire morning and most of the afternoon spent chating with a good friend or your little sister is time well spent.

7. Even the most innocuous events and comments can become major drama.

8. Fireworks displays are more exciting with a crowd of kids around.

9. Having a support system of friends and family is a blessing that should be cherished.

10. Running into old friends brings back memories--some pleasant, some better forgotten.

11. Toasting marshmallows in a back-yard bonfire gives me warm fuzzies.

12. The things you try hardest to get away from are often the things you come back to time and again.

13. Small towns are full of people with big hearts.

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Danika Dinsmore said...

Very sweet and poetic.

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