Monday, August 06, 2007

First Day Fun

Day one on the new job went down without any major hitches. There was orientation information galore, computer set up, email account creation, meetings with one of my supervisors, lots of new people with names I have to remember, desk choosing and settling in. Tomorrow will be more of the same. It wasn't much to talk about, but I did have an interesting encounter.

I sat in the conference room with a group of newbies like myself, waiting for the first orientation session to start. A young woman walked in and sat down across the table from me. She looked very familiar and almost immediately my stomach started doing flip flops. She interviewed me for a position at another company several months ago. Slide after slide flipped by while fidgeted in my chair, playing out the possible ways this could all go down:

1. She remembers me as the totally unqualified, dull candidate she interviewed.

2. She remembers me as the totally unqualified, dull candidate who totally bombed the editing exam portion of the interview and then badgered the HR department for weeks hoping for a second interview.

3. She realizes she'll now be working closely with said unqualified, dull candidate who bombed the editing exam and is, at this moment, trying to figure out how to tell our supervisor they've made a HUGE mistake.

4. (Oh God, please let this be the one...) She has no recollection of me, whatsoever.

It turns out she did totally remember me, although we tactfully avoided any drawn out conversation about my interview. She did mention that she's starting a new job because the other company just went through a series of layoffs, though. Turns out that however well I may (or may not) have done, I was better off not hearing back from that company. Now let's just hope I made a better impression and did better on that test than my worried old mind will let me believe. Otherwise, I'll be calling my old boss and begging for my job back.

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nejyerf said...

that, my friend, is just too wierd for words.

and i would totally be avoiding her too.

and i'm sure you did just fine!

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