Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #11

Busy, busy, busy.

For this week's thirteen: 13 places I don't even have time to dream about right now.

Thirteen Places I'd Like to Visit in My Lifetime

1. The Grand Canyon

2. Hawaii - all the islands

3. Sydney, Australia

4. A beach in St. Lucia

5. A Buddhist temple in China

6. The ruins in Rome

7. Greece

8. Sicily

9. Barcelona

10. Paris

11. Alaska

12. Georgia (Atlanta and Savannah)

13. A lighthouse in Maine

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Anonymous said...

Paris is as lovely as everyone says it is. I've been to Hawaii and Alaska, but that leaves 10 on your list I have yet to experience.

Yuriko said...

I'd like to see Alaska too.. the last frontier :) and the Northern Lights are supposed to be spectacular!

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