Friday, August 17, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #10

Better late than never, I always say.

For this week's thirteen, I thought I'd share a few lessons I've learned (or am still learning) that I think some young (and not so young) people could also benefit from.

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Thirteen Things Young People (and Some Adults) Need to be Taught

1. Just because you can talk on a cell phone anywhere doesn't mean you should. In fact, if you're in the check out line or having dinner with a friend, hang up the phone or ignore that call. It's just plain rude not to.

2. You won't die if you don't check your email every hour, or every day for that matter. It's mostly spam, anyway. Trust me, the time you spend reading, deleting, sorting, writing and sending emails is time you'll never get back. Unless you're expecting something specific, use your time for more important things, like living.

3. And in related news: Being connected to everyone, from anywhere, all the time doesn't leave you much time to be you. Technology has done great things for our expanding worlds, but if you don't take time to yourself, to discover who you are and what you want out of life, you'll regret it later.

4. Travelling in packs doesn't exempt you from the rules of common courtesy.

5. Neither does being on your cell phone.

6. Or being in a rush to get somewhere. Look around you. Notice your surroundings. Smile. Hold that door for the person behind you. Say "Thank you" and "Excuse me," even if your friends don't. Remember, you get what you give.

7. A sincere smile does more for your looks than that lipstick, designer outfit or trendy hairstyle.

8. Your value isn't determined by the things you own, the gadgets you use or the people you know.

9. No matter what the media (or your friends, or your mother) tells you, you should judge yourself by what's on the inside rather than what's on the outside. Cliche, yes, but oh-so true.

10. Just because you treat others the way you'd like to be treated doesn't mean they'll reciprocate. That shouldn't stop you from doing it anyway.

11. Wanting something isn't the same as needing it. And no, you don't automatically deserve everything you want.

12. Hard work is good for you. It makes the finished product or final result that much more enjoyable.

13. Enjoy the ride. It may seem like you want to get there (wherever there is) as fast as possible. But you're experiencing a "there" right now. Just be, before you're 80 and realize that the "there" you were trying to get to is always out of reach.

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hey, there! I'm discovering new-to-me thirteeners today and noticed you. Thought I'd drop by.

Your list mirrors my own thoughts. Nicely done.

WendyWings said...

I think you feel the same way about cellphones that I do :)
Happy LATE TT !

katy said...

Ami, you write a book about this stuff. You are a female William Bennett!

It's amazing we survived being young without cell phones or email, huh!


nejyerf said...

how's week three at the new job?

are you finally settling in?

no time for blogging?

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