Sunday, July 26, 2009

OLS Week 8 - Potatoes and Green Beans Go Hand-in-Hand

One Local Summer

This week's featured local meal consisted of a large helping of my newest salad obsession: Potato and Green Bean Salad. I really wish I'd taken a picture, because it's pretty to look at, too.

I brought home a great haul from the farmer's market today and I'm looking forward to getting creative for my local meal this week. I've got eggs, fresh spinach, onions, an eggplant, green peppers, a cucumber, mozzarella cheese, white peaches, Summer Rambo apples, and apricots (probably the last of the season). That will be supplemented with what I'm expecting to be a pretty good share from the CSA this week that will probably include chard, scallions, potatoes and lettuce among other things. I'm also planning to pick up some local goat cheese.

Any ideas for local meals using these ingredients? Feel free to share suggestions. I'm feeling adventurous!

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Anonymous said...

I love eggplant with fresh spinach. You can try roasting or grilling the eggplant (cut into rounds, or sliced in half), and then either make stacks with the wilted spinach and onions and a sprinkle of cheese - or, if you did the half eggplant, scoop out a little of the eggplant, stuff the same spinach, onions, and cheese inside. Roast a bit until the ingredients meld, and enjoy. And that leftover eggplant can be used as the base for a great dip for the raw green peppers and cucumbers :-)

Another idea is doing potatoes and chard - sounds odd, but is really good. Roast the potatoes first, and finish in the skillet on the stovetop with the chard. I like using rosemary in with the roasted potatoes.

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