Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Small Efforts, Large Results?

I tend to be the all-or-nothing type. If I can't finish something, I don't like to start it. And if it I make a mistake or get derailed, I have this tendency to just give up. Thus, my new mantra:

Small efforts bring large results when repeated often enough. - Ralph Marston
It seems simple enough, and yet I'm having difficulty getting it through my thick skull. I've been getting a bit frustrated with my inability to get large chunks of any of the following completed in a timely manner:
  • That novel I started
  • A book proposal I'm working on
  • Landscaping of my back yard
  • Landscaping of my front yard
  • Saving 6 months income for that day when I finally decide to kick Corporate America to the curb and go full-time freelance
  • Reaching my goal weight
  • Developing a consistent yoga practice
  • Getting my articles published
  • Reading a book each month
  • Renovation of my home (this, of course, is also hindered by the money factor)
Considering the fact that I work a full-time job, am technically single and have to take care of all household chores by myself, I suppose it's not surprising that many of these things have been on my to-do (or to-finish) list for quite a while. While I'm slowly working toward completion, for this all-or-nothing, perfectionist type who hears stories about busy people like me who get it all done despite the challenges, it's tough to still see these tasks lingering. That's why I've taken on this new mantra.

Today, instead of focusing on what I haven't completed, what I can't get done in the small amount of time I have, I'm going to focus on what I have completed and what I can get done. With each small effort, I'll be that much closer to checking these items off my to-do list.

What small efforts are you making to get closer to your goals? Suggestions for being more productive are always welcome.

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Thora said...

I love Ralph.I read him everyday.

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