Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #21

It's been a busy, and slightly stressful week, but a good week nonetheless. Here's a partial list of what made it semi-wonderful.

Thirteen Things That Kept Me Sane This Week

1. The sun shined every day, which means I smiled more.

2. The days are really starting to feel longer, like summer's just around the corner.

3. Green is more prevalent than brown in just about every landscape I see.

4. I'm one day away from finishing week four of my lunchtime workouts.

5. I've been consistent over the last four weeks in getting in at least 4 workouts a week.

6. I watched Ali become the first female Biggest Loser.

7. My first landscaping project got underway.

8. My boss complimented me on the quality a user manual I produced.

9. I cooked up a delicious dinner that used up some of those frozen veggies from last summer's farmers' market.

10. I realized that I need to finish up the last few packs of frozen veggies before the farmers' market opens up again in a few weeks.

11. I'm totally anticipating fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs grown in my own garden, and plenty of delicious recipes.

12. My cat has been sitting in the open living room window watching the birds and activity outside.

13. I finished another book on my TBR list (Citizen Girl, by Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus).

Hope you're having a week that makes you smile, too!

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Keys to the Magic Travel said...

What a great list. It's becoming quite green here too. We were gone last week on vacation and it was brown when we left...but we came home to the budding of green...and everything colored in a thick layer of yellow pollen!

How did you like "Citizen Girl?" I loved "Nanny Diaries" but wasn't sure if I would like their follow up work.

Mrs. Gray's Class said...

Isn't it wonderful how the sunshine and warm air can make us happy.

kay said...

You must be like me--you thrive on sunshine. Isn't Spring wonderful. I like your list.

Anonymous said...

After all the storms we've had the leaves are starting to have green leaves and the grass is turning green too. They say April showers bring May flowers! I can't wait for May!

nejyerf said...

speaking of frozen you freeze your green and red peppers to use as needed?

my sister brought me a bunch and cut them in half and seeded them and put them in the freezer. i've been using them slowly but surely.

but it seems that they get mushy quicker when i cook with them. do you think they should have been cut into strips before freezing instead of letting them thaw out just enough to cut?

Ami said...

kat - I didn't like it as much as Nanny Diaries. It took me a while to get into, but it was OK. Can't say I'd recommend it, though.

grey matters, kay & kat's krackerbox - Yes, yes and yes!

nejyerf - I didn't freeze peppers last year, but probably will this year. I do know that they tend to be softer when you freeze them. Did you blanch them first? If so, make sure you drain them well before freezing. I don't think slicing them would make them less soft, though. Blanching might help a little, but in general they're not one of the better freezers from what I've read. The more water content a veggie has pre-freezing, the softer it seems to get post-freezing.

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