Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #20

Prompted by a little post by my friend nejyerf, I decided to list some things that have made me smile this week.

Thirteen Things That Brightened My Week

1. The beauty of cherry blossoms all over the place.

2. Compliments on my new hairstyle.

3. The sun shine of spring that's been blessing us the last two days.

4. Meeting my first weight loss goal when I stepped on the scale this morning.

5. Being tickled by My Love just because he was feeling playful.

6. Seeing Ali reach 99 lbs. lost on The Biggest Loser. (For some reason, she's got me hooked on this show.)

7. Finding out that my tax return is much bigger than I expected.

8. Also finding out that my fiscal stimulus check will be arriving around May 9th.

9. The possibility of going back to school for something that really excites me and will help me in so many ways.

10. Not feeling a single ounce of guilt before, during or after drinking a Caramel Light Frapuccino.

11. Planning a sushi dinner with a friend I haven't seen in more than a month.

12. Waiting expectantly for responses from a couple of queries I've submitted.

13. Having this unexplainable, yet undeniable, knowing in my soul that I'm reaching new levels with every step I take.

Hope you're having a week that makes you smile, too!

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Anonymous said...

I was hoping to see a picture of your new hairstyle! I'm getting my hair cut in May and need some ideas! Great list!

Anonymous said...

Great list & #7 is always good news!

Natalie said...

I would love to see #1. Congrats on #4!!! #6 was awesome! Yay for #7 and #8. #11=fun!

Ami said...

Kat - I'm not all that comfortable posting pics of myself. Maybe one day. It's very similar to Katie Holmes' shaggy bob, though.

Chris and Natalie - Thanks for stopping by. Your lists are great!

Anonymous said...

Ooh congrats on making your weight loss goal! I'm jealous! I need to get on the ball, seriously.

Anonymous said...

You mean tax refund, don't you?? Spend it wisely!

Thora said...

Lists are a great way to keep on track and positive in life.
I checked out thursday 13 and it looks great
I need to know how to put all the blogs I have visited etc down the side of my blog site.I am still new to this.
I am so glad ther are other writers out there enjoying the process.

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