Monday, June 30, 2008

OLS Week 5 - My First Frittata

One Local SummerIt seems like One Local Summer is getting a bit easier with every week. There are plenty of options for fruit and vegetables these days, and I even found a free-range pork and chicken producer, although I haven't purchased any local meat yet. At least I know it's out there if I need it.

In an attempt to use up some of the kale I got in my CSA share last week, I did a little digging for some kale recipes. I found a few that looked very similar to what I already do with chard, and then I stumbled on a couple of recipes for a frittata. It seemed easy enough, so I adjusted them to use what I had on hand for this week's OLS meal.

I cooked chopped kale (about 6 leaves) with chopped garlic scape and spring onion in a little bit of olive oil with salt and pepper. Once the kale was wilted and soft, I mixed in some shredded raw milk cheddar cheese. When the cheese was melted, I added two whipped eggs and cooked it, covered, on really low heat for about 12 minutes until the eggs were set. The result was a surprise and a delight. I'll definitely make a frittata again. In fact, I'll be eating the leftovers for breakfast in the morning. (Non-local ingredients: olive oil, salt and pepper)

For sides, I had some dill potato salad, made with baby red potatoes from the farmer's market and dill from my garden. (Non-local: salt and pepper and 1/4 cup plain yogurt) I also roasted some zucchini, carrots, beets and fennel, all farmer's market purchases this weekend (Non-local: salt and pepper, olive oil).

Colorful, varied and delicious, despite the simplicity of it all.


Kalyn Denny said...

It sounds good! I have some kale in my garden (which is about as local as you can get!) Thanks for the reminder to use some of it like this.

Anonymous said...

Those roasted veggies look so pretty -- great colors :) Did you roast them in a foil pack?

Ami said...

kalyn - I have a feeling I'll be cooking a lot more kale over the next few weeks. My CSA apparently grows a great deal of it. :)

mikaela - Thanks! I roasted the veggies on a foil lined cookie sheet. Next time I think I'll let the harder veggies roast for a while before adding the zucchini because it got a little soggy. Other than that, they were perfect!

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