Friday, June 20, 2008

Trusty Bullets - A Week in Summary

I've been busy with freelance work in the evenings, so there hasn't been a lot of time for blogging this week. I made my OLS Meal #3 last night, and I'll try to post a description and the recipe tonight or tomorrow, but for now, here's one of those trusty bulleted lists we all love so much:

  • Katy and I spent Tuesday evening together eating, talking, eating, talking, crying, and drinking coffee. Four hours went by before we knew it. While we got together under the guise of research for my book, we ended up having an amazing evening of bonding and girl talk. We committed to making more of an effort to hang out with each other. Turns out you have to be deliberate about these things or they just don't happen.
  • Feed the Soul got a bit of a face lift. Check out the new banner and color scheme, and read the blog for some tips on staying cool this summer. If you haven't subscribed to the RSS feed for this blog, I highly recommend it. More recipes and health tips are on the way.
  • Lisa Spahr, a personal coach I met back in May at the MWA Conference, has named me her "Favorite Person of the Week" on her website. Lisa's a great motivator. I sat in on her session at the conference and spoke to her for about 10 minutes afterward, and she left a lasting impression on me. If she can do that for me in a little over an hour, imagine what a few one-on-one sessions with her could do! If you need a little kick in the pants, like someone else I know (pointing at myself), head on over and visit her, check out her services and subscribe to her blog.
  • It's term paper and thesis season, and I spent my evenings this week proofreading an architecture student's final project. The topic? Creating an effective, convenient High-Speed Rail Transit Center in San Diego. Now that's the kind of forward thinking creativity that we need to start supporting. Forget offshore drilling. Let's invest in revamping our public transportation, improving city and community planning and ramping up community safety efforts. What happened to that good-ol' American ingenuity and innovation that got us to this point?
  • I got some great stuff at the CSA this week. Katy actually came with me and, as luck would have it, there were several "chips in the bags." (When members don't want a share of something, they can leave it for someone else by leaving a poker chip in a bag by the bin for that item.) Apparently people are getting sick of all the peas, but I say, "Bring 'em on!" I mean, that's what the freezer is for. I'll be eating fresh frozen peas all winter. I got a full share in addition to my normal half-share of both snap peas (1.4 lb) and snow peas (1.4 lb), an additional head of lettuce, and a full share of oregano (.02 lb) instead of my half-share's worth. There were also beet greens (.04 lb) and scallions (1 small bunch). I shared a bit with Katy, but still have plenty to eat and freeze for the week on top of what I purchased at the farmer's market over the weekend.
I think that's all for now. It's been a dull but busy week. I'm ready for the weekend!


nejyerf said...

you've sold me on lisa. i'll be reading her blog regularly i think.

but you still haven't sold me on peas though. i don't think i'll ever really like them. but fresh lettuce sounds lovely. do they do leaf lettuce as well? there is nothing quite like garden fresh leaf lettuce.

patresa hartman said...

awesome on being named "favorite person!"

i like peas.

and i covet your paid writer-ness.

Ami said...

nejyerf - i think you'll really like lisa. Have you tried snow peas? They're sweet and you can do things like stir fry them with other veggies. The lettuce I get from my CSA is red leaf lettuce. Delish! But I have to admit I'm getting sick of lettuce...looking forward to more exciting vegetables.

P - Thanks! I agree; peas are great! And don't bother coveting, I'm not getting paid all that much yet. :)

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